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Stef and I toured some of Indiana's wineries this past weekend.  Here are my reviews, just in case you are interested:

Friday evening: French Lick Winery

Very tiny "tasting room" was more like a "broom closet."  Very cramped, no tour, and all-in-all a very unimpressive storefront.  The lady that gave us the tastings seemed like she was in a hurry.  As I was drinking each sip, she was already asking me if I wanted another.  Not really a bad thing, I guess.  None of their wines stood out.  They did have one interesting one that nobody else had: Rhubarb wine.  Wine gets a "eh" and the winery gets a "trach".

Saturday morning: Oliver Winery

Hella-sweet setup.  beautiful landscaping and plenty of room to walk around and drink your newly purchased wine.  We didnt do this, cause we were just passing throught.  Wine tasting room was very big and pretty ornate.  The girls giving the tastings, while hot, were way too wine snobby.  Wine was average... I'd had most of it before I think.  Their wine was overpriced in my opinion, and only one variety stood out in my mind... a Muscat Caneli that was pretty tasty.  Wine get's a "eh" and winery gets a "woot-woot".

Saturday afternoon: Easley Winery

This place had by far the beefiest winery setup I have ever toured, and the tourguide (Mr. Easley) gave an awesome description of everything.  They had a good semi-dry red that I bought a few bottles of (Monument Red).  I liked their wine more than most, but their sample pourer chick was pretty stingey.  I bet her samples weighed in at a whopping 1/8 ounce.  Their store was nice... lots of winemaking and beermaking supplies.  All in all, a really cool place - suprising given it's location (ghettoish part of downtown Indy).  Wine gets a "score" and winery gets a "BANG!".

Sunday Afternoon: Shadly Lake Winery

This was a one-man operation in columbus.  The one man was nice and knowledgable and had some unique wines.  He was filling a niche market on dry fruit wines.  Usually the fruit wines at other placs are super-sweet.  He took his down to a semi-dry/dry level.  I rikey.  Got some dry blueberry and dry cherry wine.  The winery was small, but nice.  He was also a homebrewing shop, which gets points in my book.  Wine get's a definate "BANG!" and the winery gets a "eh".

Sunday Afternoon: Simmons Winery

Way off the beaten path.  This place had a nice storefront, but their wines were run-of-the mill.  I liked that they grew their own grapes right next to the winery.  They had 27 different wines.  The shop was nice, but the 5 mile trip out in the boons was kinda tark.  I bought a bottle fo port from here, which was the only port I could see myself drinking - fairly mild.  Wine gets a "eh" and winery gets a "score".

There ya have it.  I'd recomend touring Easley and visiting Oliver just to see the facilities, and I'd recomend trying some of Shady Lake's dry fruit wines.  All in all, I think we bought 17 bottles on our trip.  Anyone interested in helping up drink em - come on over.  Door is always open at the Beanenators.

Side note: Sunday morning, we also sampled Oaken Barrels beers (again).  Their seasonal wit beer and weizen are both very BANG if you are into that sort of thing.  They replace the Snake Pit Porter as my favorites.

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