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How Blogging Changed My Life
Posted April 05, 2004 at 06:28:27 PM by Bean

I usually don't like to read or write blogs that have blogging as their main subjects.  In my eyes, it's like buying a "Book Buying for Dummies" book or something... a catch-22 waste of time.  But today something happened, and I realized the impact blogging has had on my everyday life, behavior, and outlook.

Before I blogged, if I had an painfull accident of some kind, I'd usually cuss up a storm, grab some bandaids, and then cuss up another storm.  But since I've started this blog deally, the first thing that pops into my mind is "I'm gonna blog this."  It  may seem silly... but knowing that I'll atleast get a decent blog of of it makes the accident seem not so bad. 

When I see something on the web that makes me laugh, I dont have settle for enjoying it all by myself, I can post it for all to see.  When something happens at home, at work, at a party, anywhere, and I am amused or intrigued by it, I can do more than enjoy the moment, I can archive it, and share it with everyone. 

Maybe I'm nuts, but from what I can tell, being on the look out for blogworthy moments has added something to my life.  Sure, there arent THAT many beanblog readers, and maybe it's not an earth-shattering metamorphosis, but it's definately a change, a change for the better.

What brought this on?  A painfull accident.  I was coming around the side of my house and tried to hop up the side of my concrete retaining wall.  Needless to say, I didn't quite make it.  200 pounds of Bean came crashing down through a square inch of shin onto the corner of the wall.  Ouch.  But you know what the first thing I thought was?

"I've gotta get my camera and blog this."

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